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an exhibition of photography and art by m. christine watson

City  |  River  |  Sea  |  Microcosm

​​​On display at 9WG Studios, Richmond, VA    |   April 3 - May 22, 2015

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|   City 

|   Microcosm

|   Artist's Statement

|    For the last couple of years I've enjoyed photographing everything and anything I find of interest. I've gotten used to stashing a camera in my purse to have ready for anything. The photos on exhibit in City | River | Sea | Microcosm are reflective of some of what I've seen and where I've been in Virginia and on the Mid-Atlantic coast. In trying to come up with a theme, at first I found it difficult because I take such a wide variety of photographs. Upon looking at the space here at 9WG Studios and seeing that it was somewhat conveniently broken down into sections, I decided that I could narrow it down to four or five categories all with a similar topic and still stay within the conventions of a theme. So was born City | River | Sea | Microcosm. 

|    On lunch breaks on my job in downtown Richmond I'd go on walks and explore the city with camera in hand. This got to be such a habit that I ended up returning in the evening to catch different light. The City, in part, was captured. With the James River running through Richmond, transitioning to River, was quite effortless. The river scenes include photos of the James, Upham Branch and Blackwater Creek.  The Sea consists of photos from Virginia's coastline and the Outer Banks in North Carolina. False Cape State Park offers some of the most beautiful shoreline with some of the last remaining undeveloped areas along the Atlantic coast. And the Outer Banks mudflats on the sound side are spectacular.

|    Microcosm was a challenge, only in that I had so much to choose from. Minute details have fascinated me since I was a child. I so enjoy taking close ups with my digital macro setting that I've accumulated hundreds of closeups of everything from flowers, bugs, and patterns, to peeling paint. To narrow down what I had was a difficult task but one I'm happy with and I hope you are as well.

|   And wrapping it up, I've thrown in a few paintings I've done in years past, of coastal salt marshes. As much as I adore the sand, sun  and waves of the beach, my heart lies in the mudflats and salt marshes in the estuaries of the barrier islands. The briny smell, the rustle of the reeds and the exquisite wild life of the salt marsh estuaries is incredible and I'm drawn again and again to record in paint the beauty of the backside of the islands.

|   Please enjoy!

~  City | River | Sea | Microcosm.